SeminarTU Ilmenau/ Michael Reichel

The Electrochemistry and Electroplating Group at the TU Ilmenau is planning a workshop on the topic "Sustainable Planning and Decision-making - Thinking and Acting for Stable Solutions in Complex Environments" from October 04 to 08, 2021, with the support of the Zentralverband Oberflächentechnik e.V. (ZVO).

Often, linear, one-dimensional and static thinking leads to tunnel vision measures with disastrous consequences, whereby meaningful goals are missed from the beginning. Only by taking a holistic view of all consequences in a given system economic and ecological sustainability and stability can be achieved.

The workshop aims to sharpen the view for complex decision scenarios, with special emphasis on electrochemical surface engineering. It is aimed at students of all disciplines and teachers. The aim is, among other things, to initiate a practice-oriented exchange with representatives of authorities, business, industry, politics and civil society.

Participation is free of charge.

Binding registrations can be sent informally by e-mail to