In principle, the same requirements apply to a double doctorate as to any other doctorate. You need a university degree (Master's or Diplom) that is recognized in Germany. If you have a foreign university degree, please have it checked beforehand. To do this, you can contact the Admissions Office at the Academic Service Center of the TU Ilmenau (set link) or have it officially evaluated in Germany.

In addition, you will need one person to supervise your doctorate at the TU Ilmenau and one person to supervise it at your chosen partner university. At TU Ilmenau you can obtain a declaration of willingness of supervisor to supervise your doctoratal thesis and (optionally) conclude a supervision agreementa supervision agreement. You can find an overview of our university's partner universities on our website.

We have concluded special agreements with three universities, which always allow a double doctorate for doctoral students of the respective faculty:

  • Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) - Faculty of Biosciences and Medical Engineering (contact person: Dr. Matthias Klemm).
  • Slovak University of Technology Bratislava - Faculty of Material Sciences and Technology (contact person: Prof. Peter Husar)
  • Techical University of Košice - Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Informatics (contact person: Prof. Peter Husar)

Although the Federal Government has concluded a framework agreement for such double doctorates with various countries, including France, it is up to your supervisors and the faculties involved to give their approval.


Enrolment and contractual regulations

Provided that you meet all the requirements and the supervisors for the double doctorate at TU Ilmenau and the partner university have been determined, you will conclude a contract individually tailored to your doctoral project. Among other things, this contract regulates the doctoral topic, names the university at which you have registered and will defend your doctoral project (home university / main university), the language in which the thesis and abstract will be written, the duration, the work stays at both universities as well as the graduation. The length of stay at both universities should be approximately equal. This agreement will be signed by you as well as your supervisors, the faculty chairpersons and the presidents of both universities.

A sample agreement is available upon request at the International Office.


Doctoral Defense

The defence of the doctorate takes place only once and at the main university specified by you in the agreement. The committee is composed of both universities and includes at least two persons from the partner university. One of them is your doctoral supervisor / your doctoral supervisor there.

In general, the composition of the committee is regulated by the respective doctoral regulations of the universities. Doctoral Regulations of the TU Ilmenau