Why should you do an internship abroad?

Is an internship planned during your studies? Then make your internship an extraordinary experience and complete it abroad! This way, you will not only fulfill the required basic or specialized internship, but also gain valuable experience abroad, which will enable you to enter an internationally active company or even a career.

The International Office will support you with helpful tips on the possibilities and financing of your stay abroad. Unfortunately, we cannot arrange an internship for you, so you will have to apply for suitable internships abroad yourself.

The possibilities for your internship abroad

Are you planning an internship in another EU country? Then the team of the EU Praktikum Thuringia will help you with words and deeds.


International Ofiice

Are you planning to study in a country outside the European Union? Contact the International Office for helpful tips and support!

individual internship abroad (Intranet)

Erasmus+ worldwide internship