Info on the 49 Euro ticket for students

How to order it at a discounted price and where to go with it.

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All of Germany is currently talking about the 49 Euro Ticket (Deutschlandticket). This allows you to use regional public transport throughout Germany for €49 a month. The ticket can already be ordered at the moment. For students there is the possibility to get the ticket even cheaper, but this is quite complicated.

First of all, the Thoska with a semester ticketdoes not automatically count as a Deutschlandticket. Instead, students have to pay the difference between the monthly price of the semester ticket (= 49,48€ ÷ 6 ≈ 8,25€) and 49€ as a surcharge to then have a Deutschlandticket. This means that as a student of the TU Ilmenau you will only pay 40,75€ for the Deutschlandticket. This procedure is called: "Upgrade solution".

You can use the upgrade solution from August on. However, there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • The order can only be placed on a special website of Deutsche Bahn, where you have to upload a clearly readable picture of your Thoska and enter your bank details.
  • The ticket can only be used as a mobile ticket in the DB Navigator app. To transfer the ticket to the app, you must upload a passport photo in the app.
  • When checking the ticket, you must always show an ID / passport.
  • The ticket is a subscription and always starts on the first day of the month. It is always renewed automatically without cancellation.
  • The subscription ends automatically at the end of the semester.
  • An order is only possible for the next month, not for the current month
    (e.g. you cannot order a ticket for August in August).
  • The ticket can be ordered only until 8 days before the beginning of the month for the next month.

Important: You can only get the low price at the DB, because only here you have already paid for the semester ticket. If you buy the Deutschlandticket from another company, you will have to pay the full amount.

Also note that the Deutschlandticket is only valid on regional trains and cannot be used on IC, ICE or Flixtrains. Detailed information about which means of transport you can use with the Deutschlandticket can be found here.