Short-term accommodation wanted?

You can stay at these places for a short time.
Die Studentenwohnheime Haus A und Haus B an einem verschneiten Wintertag

You are going to start your studies in Ilmenau in the winter semester, you have already found your apartment, but you can't move into it in time before the introduction week or the beginning of the semester? No problem, besides the numerous hotels in the city there are also cheaper accommodations where you can stay for a few days. Here we have put together a selection for you:

  1. Youth Hostel Ilmenau
    The youth hostel is located in a residential area near the campus. Here you have the possibility to rent a room by the day.
    You can choose whether you want to book only the room or also one or more meals. Bed linen is included in the price, the rooms are equipped with free WiFi. Each room has two, four or six beds and a bathroom.
    For more information and to book, visit the hostel's website.
  2. Schülerfreizeitzentrum
    The Schülerfreizeitzentrum at the big pond also offers some accommodation.
    There are rooms of different sizes and different numbers of beds per room.
    All rooms have private bathrooms with showers and toilets.
    However, the rooms are only available from October 4. Prices start at 13 Euro per night.
    All information about the Bung can be found on the website of the Schülerfreizeitzentrum.

Should you still have problems finding a room, please contact us in good time (at least 2 weeks) before your arrival via
However, we can only offer you short-term emergency solutions. We4you cannot offer you a permanent apartment in Ilmenau.
Never set off for Ilmenau without having made arrangements for accommodation.