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If you are staying in Germany for a longer period of time, regularly receive a salary or a scholarship and have to pay rent, it makes sense to open a current account at a bank as soon as possible. You can open a current account at any bank or savings bank branch. To do so, you will need your passport or identity card and a certificate of registration from the Residents' Registration Office (Einwohnermeldeamt). Some banks also require a residence permit from the Foreigners' Registration Office. The banks hardly differ in their offers and services, but they do in their fees. Therefore, you should inform yourself beforehand. You will receive a EuroCheque card (EC card) with your current account, which you can use to withdraw money from the ATMs of your own bank free of charge and from the ATMs of other banks for a fee. Banks are usually open Monday to Friday between 8.30am and 4pm. Transferring money from abroad can be expensive. You should check with your home bank beforehand about the relevant conditions and possibly choose a bank in Germany that cooperates with your home bank. In addition to cash, most shops, restaurants and businesses accept EC cards and credit cards. Smaller amounts, for example in cafés, are usually paid in cash.


Banks in Ilmenau

Please ask at the banks in Ilmenau listed here about the options available to you:

Deutsche Bankin the Marktstraße 1-3
Commerzbankin the Schwanitzstraße 1
Postbankin the Lindenstraße 2
Savings Bank Arnstadt-Ilmenauat Homburger Platz (main branch), at Bergrat- Mahr- Str. 3, at Ziolkowskistraße 21 and at Weimarer Straße 1a
Volksbank Ilmenau Friedensstraße 19

The bank of your choice will give you an appointment to fill in and hand in the application for an account. The documents for the account as well as bank and credit cards will be sent to you by post to your home address in Ilmenau.