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Should you want to bring your family to your stay at TU Ilmenau or catch up with them, childcare for the small children and schooling for the older children is the most important thing so that they are looked after and you can concentrate on your research.

Here we give you an overview of childcare options and schools for your children. In any case, it is necessary to take care of childcare and / or enrollment in schools very early. In the best case you take care of it already 12 months in advance. If you are expecting a child, you should register for a childcare place before the birth. If you wish, we can help you with the communication to the appropriate contact persons*.

Basic information about childcare and school in Germany can be found here: - Childcare - An offer of the Federal Government for professionals from abroad. - School System - An Offer of the Federal Government for Professionals from Abroad

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Day Care Center (KiTa) Studentenflöhe

On the campus of the TU Ilmenau there is the daycare center "Studentenflöhe" in the dormitory block A under the sponsorship of the Studierendenwerk Thüringen.

The daycare center can accommodate a total of 60 children between the ages of 0 and 3. It offers a toddler-friendly play garden directly in front of the building. A beautiful park landscape not far from the daycare center invites to eventful walks.

Due to the proximity to the university and the extended opening hours, the Studentenflöhe offers especially students and employees of the university optimal care possibilities for their offspring. In this way, you will be supported in organizing your everyday life.

You can find more information and contact persons to inquire about currently available places on the page of the daycare center Studentenflöhe.

KiTas and kindergartens in the city of Ilmenau

Information, an overview of all childcarefacilities in the city of Ilmenau, pictures, addresses as well as contact details can be found under the following link. You can also find the contact to the central kindergarten administration of the city of Ilmenau on the website of the city of Ilmenau.
Do not hesitate to inquire at the city, the staff will be happy to help you.

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Elementary schools, regular schools and high schools in Ilmenau

In Germany, school attendance is mandatory. This means that children older than 6 years must go to school.
The majority of schools in Germany are run by the state. Attending these schools is free of charge.
There are different types of schools and school-leaving qualifications. For the appropriate classification of your child, a classification sheet must therefore be filled out.

Information and an overview of all elementary schools, regular schools as well as high schools in the city of Ilmenau, including links and contacts, can be found on the page of our city Ilmenau:

Educational institutions -