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Cultural and leisure activities on the campus of the TU Ilmenau


Student clubs on campus

The club culture on the campus of the TU Ilmenau is unique in Germany! There are no less than four student clubs, which mainly offer music and dance events. They are located on the lowest floors of the student dormitories. Two clubs are open daily in the evening. You can find the event programs of the clubs on their websites:


The University Film Club e. V.

The University Film Club offers regular cinema-style film screenings on campus. It has been around since 1957! You can read the program and more on the HFC website.


All clubs are student-run only and are always looking for new team members to actively help shape the club scene. So if you feel like getting involved and getting active, get in touch with the clubs. These are also a good place for international university members to meet new people and make contacts.

TU Ilmenau
TU Ilmenau/Leo Warnow

Events on the campus of the TU Ilmenau


There is always something going on at the TU Ilmenau campus! Both the university itself and student clubs and interest groups host many different events. Here you can find the most important ones:

Here you can find the Calendar of events at the TU Ilmenau.

Cultural and leisure activities in Ilmenau and the surrounding area


In Ilmenau you can see the following sights / museums, among others:


You can find more information about your possibilities in Ilmenau here: - Tourism and here: - Recreation


In the nearer surroundings you will find the following beautiful excursion destinations:

Events in Ilmenau


You can find the calendar of events of the city of Ilmenau here: - Veranstaltungskalender


Cultural and leisure activities and events in Thuringia

It is not only in and around Ilmenau that you can visit cultural sites, take part in events and enjoy leisure activities. Thuringia as a whole has a lot of culture to offer. Especially the cities of Erfurt, Weimar, Jena, Eisenach, Meiningen and Schmalkalden are worth a visit because of their history, sights and culture.

At thü you can get more information, discover our state of Thuringia and also find a statewide calendar of events!


Here is a selection of Thuringian events:

  • the Bach - Festival - Arnstadt (March)

  • the Thuringian Bach Weeks (March)

  • the Erfurt Festival of Lights (August)

  • the Erfurt Wine Festival (August)

  • the Kickelhahnfest Ilmenau (August)

  • the Weimar Onion Market (October)

  • Erfurt Christmas Market (from the end of November)

  • the Jazz Mile Thuringia