Alumni of the TU Ilmenau support students

The TU Ilmenau is calling on its alumni to support students. With the fundraising campaign, former students are asked to contribute financially to a Deutschlandstipendium that will benefit current students. Deutschlandstipendien are awarded to students with very good academic performance and social commitment. They amount to 300 euros per month and are financed half by the sponsors - mostly individuals or companies - and half by the federal government. Information at: https://www.alumnicampus.de/stipendien and stipendien@tu-ilmenau.de

Die Stipendiaten des Deutschlandstipendiums 2020/2021 auf der Treppe vor dem Newtonbau der TU IlmenauTU Ilmenau/Thomas S. Goebel
The scholarship holders of the Deutschlandstipendium 2020/2021

With its major fundraising campaign TU Ilmenau wants to help high-achieving and committed students. Even with small amounts - 10, 20 or 50 euros - alumni can participate in a Deutschlandstipendium. Those who donate 1800 euros will enable a student to receive a monthly 300-euro scholarship for an entire year, thanks to the half-participation of the federal government.

Since the Corona pandemic has eliminated numerous classic student jobs in the catering and service sectors, it has become even more difficult for many students to finance their studies. Sometimes a Deutschlandstipendium helps young men and women to be able to continue their studies at all. That's why the TU Ilmenau launched the donation campaign a year ago and called on its alumni to contribute to the Deutschlandstipendium - with great success: the contribution from alumni helped finance three additional scholarships.

One of those who responded to the call is Dr. Dietrich Rhein, who studied at TU Ilmenau from 1957 to 1963: "The solid education I received here was the basis for my 40 years of successful professional life in Ilmenau, Hermsdorf, Dresden and Vienna. As a thank you to my alma mater, I would like to contribute to making it possible for today's students to study as carefree as they are successful."

Those who would like to participate in the fundraising campaign for the benefit of students at the TU Ilmenau can find all the information they need on the university's website (https://www.alumnicampus.de/stipendien) or receive it by e-mail (stipendien@tu-ilmenau.de).



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