"Interference ll" - Art meets science: Exhibition in the University Library Ilmenau

Bild mit Interferenzstreifen welches in der Ausstellung gezeigt wirdRuediger Franke
One of the works by artist Ruediger Franke on display in the exhibition at University Library Ilmenau

In the exhibition "Interference ll", the University Library of TU Ilmenau is showing works by the artist Rüdiger Franke - drawings and prints that deal with the phenomenon of interference, i.e. the superimposition when waves meet. The exhibition is open Mondays to Saturdays from May 7 to June 27, 2024. Professor Eberhard Manske from TU Ilmenau will present a special acoustic and visual highlight with a laser harp at the vernissage on May 7. All interested parties are cordially invited to the vernissage and exhibition, admission is free.

Gotha-born artist Rüdiger Franke expresses his artistic view of interference in his large-format drawings, prints and objects. Under the title "Bundling", he explores the optical effect of interference in bundles of rays and creates completely new structures by deliberately crossing them. Minimal changes to the combination of beams and line widths create fascinating optical phenomena that provide new food for thought.

The setting of the technical university invites visitors to view the "Bundling" exhibition from a scientific perspective. "The exhibition offers a unique opportunity to discover parallels and similarities between art and science," says Rüdiger Franke. For the artist, the optical phenomenon of interference on the drawing board opens up plenty of scope for new experiments.

All interested parties are cordially invited to the opening on May 7 at the University Library of the TU Ilmenau. As part of the exhibition opening, Prof. Eberhard Manske from the TU Ilmenau will present a special acoustic and visual highlight with the laser harp in the presence of the artist.

"Interference ll" - Exhibition in the University Library:

07.05.-27.06.2024 | Vernissage: 07.05.2024, 20:00 hrs.

University Library, Langewiesener Str. 37, 98693 Ilmenau



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