CHE University Ranking: Top Marks for the TU Ilmenau

The TU Ilmenau provides very good support at the beginning of studies in Chemistry, Physics and Computer Science. This was the result of the CHE University Ranking published today (04.05.2021) in the ZEIT Study Guide 2021/22 and on ZEIT CAMPUS online. In addition, the TU Ilmenau recorded top ratings in a number of other study criteria in Physics and Computer Science. In addition to the good grades, the TU Ilmenau was awarded a university seal for active participation in the CHE ranking.

In the "Overall Result Support at the Beginning of Studies", various support measures in the introductory phase of studies were evaluated. The four evaluation aspects of competence adjustment/competence development, orientation, flexibility and support/advice were included. With 11 out of a maximum of 14 points in Computer Science, 10 in Chemistry and 9 in Physics, the TU Ilmenau is in the top group of all German universities in this comprehensive evaluation category.

Good ratings also for study organization, equipment, laboratory practicals and international orientation

TU Ilmenau/ari
Vice President for Learning and Teaching Prof. Anja Geigenmüller

"This result is particularly pleasing, as it is precisely the start of studies under the conditions of the Corona pandemic that is very difficult for first-year students," says Vice President for Studies and Teaching, Professor Anja Geigenmüller. "The staff in the departments and in the university's central service and counselling facilities have made great efforts to be comprehensively available to students, especially in the 1st semesters, for questions and support. The good ranking result on this criterion confirms that these efforts have paid off and that students are very satisfied with our services."

In addition to the good rating for support during the start of studies, TU scores very well in a number of other criteria. These include the organization of studies, the equipment of the university or the international orientation of the studies as well as the relation to practice.

In the category "study organization", the students evaluated, among other things, the accessibility of the courses and the coordination of the courses offered. With the grades 1.5 in Physics and 1.7 in Computer Science, the TU Ilmenau placed itself in the top field of all German universities. For the equipment with workplaces and for the laboratory practical courses, with which the students evaluated for example the guidance for experimenting, the Physikstudiereden assigned even in each case the dream mark 1,3. Beyond that, with 1,9, the physics students gave a very good judgement to the organization and execution of examinations.

The university also achieved a top score of 1.5 in the "Rooms" category, in which students indicated their level of satisfaction with lecture halls and seminar rooms, also with regard to their condition and technical equipment. For library equipment, the TU Ilmenau received a very good 1.7 in Physics and a 1.8 in Computer Science. Similarly excellent ratings were given in both subjects for IT infrastructure equipment and the library. Here, the availability of the required literature, the up-to-dateness of the stock, the access to electronic journals and books and the user advice were assessed. The Master's programs in Computer Science, Engineering Computer Science and Research in Computer & Systems Engineering also received top marks for international orientation and contacts with practice. The Vice President: "The evaluations for the CHE ranking come exclusively from our students. Therefore, I am very pleased that the ranking confirms exactly the special strengths of the TU Ilmenau - the good support and study organization, the excellent equipment and the international and practical relevance in teaching and research. Our students can rely on our high teaching quality and individual support in pandemic times and of course beyond."

"The aspects in which our evaluation turned out to be rather average are a mandate for us to continue working on modernizing our degree programs and further improving study conditions. To this end, the conversion of several degree programs to other standard periods of study, the expansion of elective areas and the anchoring of opportunities for a stay abroad through so-called 'mobility windows' are initial measures. We will continue to work on this," adds the Vice President.


The CHE Ranking

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Prof. Anja Geigenmüller
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