Dagstuhl Seminar QoSE on the Quality of Sustainable Experience

Photo: Dagstuhl Castle

In the Dagstuhl Seminar QoSE - “Quality of Sustainable Experience” (Seminar 23042, 22nd - 25th January 2023, see https://www.dagstuhl.de/23042), international experts from different fields discuss how existing physical and digital experiences may be transformed into more sustainable (ideally fossil-free), yet human-centered and well-appreciated ones. The seminar aims to foster new alliances, inspire, trigger scientific renewal, and identify future opportunities and research challenges through a hands-on approach using selected innovation research methods. The seminar is expected to identify and disseminate, how experiences – as the main selling point of products and services – in various ICT-related domains can be made more sustainable, and how the quality and degree of sustainability of such experiences can be evaluated and be better understood.

The seminar integrates ICT, sustainability and QoE, and deliberately adopts a bottom-up approach. From the AVT team, Dr. Arévalo and Prof. Raake will participate, with Prof. Raake being a co-organizer of the seminar.