DGPuK Annual Meeting in Erfurt

IfMK scientists at the DGPuK annual conference in Erfurt

How can science help to create a better future? What positive visions does communication science have for society and where does it make a difference? The IfMK was represented with four specialist groups at this year's annual conference of the German Society for Journalism and Communication Studies (DGPuK), which addressed these questions at the University of Erfurt from March 13-15, 2024.

According to the topic "Visions for a better life", researchers from our institute provided some important approaches in their presentations, with two contributions being honored with awards:

Miriam Bernhard was awarded for her contribution "Is this still good or can it go away? Organizational unlearning in journalistic media organizations" the 2nd prize for the best conference submission by doctoral candidates and students.

Maximilian Zehring and Emese Domahidi took second place in this year's journal ranking with their contribution "Mapping a Dark Space: Challenges in Sampling and Classifying Non-Institutionalized Actors on Telegram".


In addition to the exciting presentations, Jonas Weber, Prof. Andreas Will and Christopher Buschow also organized a pre-conference workshop on the topic of "Platformization in Journalism". And to mark the publication of the "Palgrave Handbook of Cross-border Journalism" edited by Martin Löffelholz, he held a panel discussion with his co-editors Liane Rothenberger, David Weaver and several authors. During this panel, we also said goodbye to our colleague Irina Tribusean from the Department of Media Studies.


Here is an overview of all IfMK presentations:

  • Miriam Bernhard: "Is this still good or can it go away? Organizational unlearning in journalistic media organizations"
  • Martin Löffelholz, Kathrin Schleicher & Johanna R.: "Optimization of state crisis communication: Central findings of a representative survey of German municipalities and health authorities"
  • Jonas Weber; Christopher Buschow (Hamburg Media School) & Andreas Will: "The market for journalistic platforms in Germany: supply structure, business relationships and cooperation conditions"
  • Dr. Anke Stoll: "Development and publication of individual research apps using the example of DIKI"
  • Kilian Buehling; Heidi Schulze; Maximilian Zehring: "The "Querdenken" Telegram data set 2020-2022"
  • Priscila Berger, Jessica Schmid and Jens Wolling: "Media literacy and digitalization of schools"
  • Sophia Schaller; Annemarie Wiedicke (Chemnitz University of Technology) & Doreen Reifegerste (Bielefeld University): "Destigmatization of depression through social media? Attribution of responsibility, social acceptance and the role of Instagram use"

We are very pleased about the successful and very interesting exchange!