Test now: dynamic workstations in the university library

Michael Reichel (ari)

From now on, students, employees and guests of the University Library (UB) of the Ilmenau University of Technology can try out two so-called dynamic workstations. They consist of a treadmill and a bicycle ergometer, each with a table as a workstation, and thus enable learning and working with movement. If there is a lot of interest and positive feedback during the pilot phase, which will run until 26 February, one such workstation may be provided permanently by the library. "As a rule, our users spend many hours in a seated position studying and working," says UB Director Gerhard Vogt. "Our concern is to offer them a direct and uncomplicated way to be able to move around once in a while during this time. If the offer is well received in the test phase, we want to acquire such a workstation permanently and thus make the library even more attractive as a place of learning." Student Luisa Frech has already tried out how well researching, reading and writing go together with exercise. "I was surprised how well it works," she says as she walks at the pace of a walk on the treadmill while reading. Katja Dießner from the University Sports Center explains why: "Moving regularly increases blood flow to the brain, which in turn improves concentration and memory, and thus learning ability. For example, thinking works better when standing and walking, and vocabulary is memorized particularly well when walking." Georg Peter from the Student Health Management of the Campus Family Office is also enthusiastic about the University Library's initiative: "The dynamic workstations are a great contribution to health promotion. I call on all students, employees and guests of the library to participate actively in the pilot phase and thus contribute to making this possibility of being able to move while learning and working in the UB permanent." Contact : Gerhard Vogt Director University Library Tel: 03677 69-4701 direktion.ub@tu-ilmenau.de Georg Peter Staff Office Campus Family Student Health Management Tel: 03677 69-4962 georg.peter@tu-ilmenau.de