10 years of the Thuringian Equality Competence Network - 10 Thuringian universities - equality networked

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From 20.11.2023-01.12.2023, the cross-university event series Equality to the Power of 10 will take place at Thuringian universities as part of the 10th anniversary of the Thuringian Equality Competence Network with events on the topic of equality at universities in online, face-to-face or hybrid format.


Workshops, lectures, panel discussions, readings, film screenings and exhibitions will focus on these topics, among others:

  • New Work - Modern working world in gender equality work
  • Fair distribution of time
  • Digitalization and equality
  • The skills shortage starts in the nursery
  • Generation Z meets MINT - our female students of tomorrow
  • Options for action in the event of discrimination in the university context
  • Recognizing and countering sexism in everyday university life
  • Unconscious bias in the university context
  • Feminist empowerment for everyday (university) life
  • Dealing professionally with closeness and distance in artistic education
  • Exhibitions Mothers of the Basic Law and The Development of Family Policy 1945 - 2015

All members of Thuringian universities and interested parties are cordially invited to take part in the series of events. All events can be attended across all universities. Members of the TU Ilmenau can find detailed information on the individual events and the access link in the event calendar on the intranet.


The detailed program and further information on all individual events in the Equality to the Power of 10 event series can be found at https://www.tkg-info.de/gleichstellunghoch10/.