"Experts Meet Up - Science Meets Business"

The TU Ilmenau, together with PolymerMat and ELMUG, is launching a new discussion format: "Experts Meet Up - Science Meets Business". Several times a year, a changing circle of about 20 representatives of the three organizers of the event: the TU Ilmenau and the Thuringian company networks PolymerMat Plastics Cluster Thuringia and ELMUG, an industry cluster in the field of electronic measurement and instrumentation technology, meet for dialog. From the internal exchange of experts, the TU Ilmenau hopes for an open dialogue on current issues and challenges from business, science and society.

This year, four events will take place in the new discussion format "Experts Meet Up - Science Meets Business":

Transformation of the energy industry in Germany and its impact on industry

Sustainability communication as a profitable marketing tool?

Perennial shortage of skilled workers - How to train the right skilled workers?

Micro- and nanotechnologies - Is it possible to implement high-tech in medium-sized companies?


The "Experts Meet Up - Science Meets Industry" series of events will kick off on March 17 with the topic "Transformation of the energy industry in Germany and its impact on industry". For three hours, representatives from science and industry will meet in a confidential circle at the TU Ilmenau to exchange views on the challenges of the energy transition and possible collaborations.

The programme is conceivably simple: After a short keynote speech by Prof. Peter Bretschneider, head of TU Ilmenau's Department of Energy Use Optimization, and moderated by Prof. Jens Müller, Vice President for International Affairs and Transfer, the dialog gets down to networking - the main purpose of the new series of talks: "The close dialog between science and industry opens up the possibility of living knowledge and insight transfer as a mutual exchange. This enables experts from both sides to address current challenges faced by regional companies in scientific matters and to transfer the latest findings from scientific practice to industry in a targeted manner."



Prof. Jens Müller
Vice President for International
Affairs and Transfer
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