Research group Media Studies presents at the annual conference of the IAMCR

Yi Xu, Pauline Estella und Johanna Radechovsky at the IAMCR

The Research group Media Studies was successfully represented with four presentations at the conference of the International Association for Media and Communication Research (IAMCR) on July 8-13 in Lyon, France.

Pauline Estella and Johanna Radechovsky presented key findings from a qualitative, comparative study of crisis communication by governments from six European countries and the United States during the Covid 19 pandemic. The study was conducted as part of the MIRKKOMM und DECIPHER research projects under the direction of Prof. Martin Löffelholz and with the collaboration of Kathrin Schleicher and Yi Xu.

In addition, Yi Xu explained the results of another sub-study of the-DECIPHER project, which analyzed multimodal governmental communication on Instagram. Pauline Estella, who recently successfully completed her PhD, provided insight into her dissertation on journalism education in times of crisis. Johanna Radechovsky presented initial findings from a quantitative study on journalistic fact-checking in Germany.