Forestry and forestry in climate change - challenges, impact and adaptation measures

TU Ilmenau Citizens' Campus

Topic:             Forestry and forestry in climate change - challenges, impacts and adaptation measures

Speaker:        Dr. Nico Frischbier, State Forestry Office ThüringenForst, Forest Research and Competence Centre Gotha

Time:             Friday, 17.05.2024. 2024, 15:00 h

Place:           TU Ilmenau, Faradaybau, Weimarer Straße 32

Admission:    5 Euro


The forests in Thuringia are sick. Spruce trees are suffering from drought and bark beetles, and older copper beeches are also dying. Climate change is mainly to blame. In his lecture at the TU Ilmenau Citizens' Campus, Dr. Nico Frischbier from the ThüringenForst state forestry office uses current damage analyses and balances to illustrate the extent to which Thuringia's forests are affected by the man-made greenhouse effect.

Dr. Frischbier, who works at the Gotha Forest Research and Competence Centre on the effects of climate impacts, climate protection and climate adaptation on forests, also describes the adaptation measures that the state forestry administration in Thuringia is using to prepare for the inevitable climatic changes. He reports on ecologically oriented forest management and forest conversion and on the precautions being taken against so-called major damaging events such as forest fires, storms and mass pest proliferation.



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