Ilmenau Science Night 2023

On Saturday, July 1, Ilmenau will host the Ilmenau Science Night from 5 p.m. until deep into the night - a unique mix of science, technology and culture. Under the motto "Future rethought - local, regional, global", the great science adventure offers more than 150 program points at numerous locations throughout the city: from the Ilmenau Festival Hall to the city center and the university campus to the industrial park Am Vogelherd. Thousands of visitors are expected to attend the big spectacle. The main partners of the Ilmenau Science Night are the TU Ilmenau, the City of Ilmenau and the Ilm District.

Information: www.ilmenauer-wissenschaftsnacht.de

The Ilmenau Science Night 2023 makes it possible to experience the entire range and strength of Ilmenau's and Thuringia's science and economy. Topics such as mobility of the future, energy supply, artificial intelligence, "green electronics", biodiversity and sustainable plastics answer questions of the time: What does environmentally friendly and secure IT of the future look like? What does artificial intelligence have to do with nature conservation? And how does science actually work?

The program of the major event, put together by the TU Ilmenau, the city of Ilmenau and the Ilm district, promises a science adventurefor the whole family: The TU Ilmenau offers from dialogue formats such as "Meet a Scientist" to experimental lectures and laboratory experiments with such melodious names as "From singing electric arcs to joining chocolate" to hands-on activities for children and young people or playing basketball in virtual reality. The city of Ilmenau presents, among other things, a driving course for electric vehicles on the market square, a company that makes "the invisible visible", a lecture by the co-inventor of the mp3 format, Prof. Karlheinz Brandenburg, in the festival hall and an Escape Room. And the Ilm district is sending two Thuringian heavyweights into the race for its program with the Ilmenau-Arnstadt technology region and the Thuringian Arc regional management. State-of-the-art technology companies in and around Ilmenau will show visitors innovative and creative developments and specializations.

The Ilmenau Science Night is framed by a diverse musical, cultural and sporting program for the whole family on the central stage on the refectory lawn of the TU Ilmenau. At the end of the event, the TU Ilmenau and the university's clubs invite guests to the after-show party starting at 10 pm.


The President of the TU Ilmenau, Prof. Kai-Uwe Sattler, sees the Ilmenau Science Night not only as a great spectacle, but above all he wants to arouse interest and curiosity for science and research: "Technical and scientific innovations are vital for a prospering society in the literal sense of the word. That's why we want to use the Ilmenau Science Night to create understanding for the knowledge gained through research and to show the diversity of science and technology in our region. By allowing visitors to enter into dialogue with us on the evening, experience science and also try it out for themselves, we hope to inspire many people interested in studying and potential employees."


The mayor of the city of Ilmenau, Dr. Daniel Schultheiß, is "extremely pleased that the TU Ilmenau, as the flagship of our city, is once again generating supra-regional interest with the Ilmenau Science Night after a three-year break. In times of crisis, it is more important than ever to awaken the interest of young people in new technologies, such as those that have always been researched and developed at a high level at our university.At the same time, our technology companies are in urgent need of skilled workers. The Science Night is therefore also a great opportunity to attract children and young people to a later career in our innovative economic region."


The District Administrator of the Ilm District, Petra Enders, has ensured that the Regional Management Thuringian Arc provides organizational support for the Ilmenau Science Night: "The Thuringian Arc presents itself as a livable and lovable region in which professional opportunities for skilled workers, development spaces for entrepreneurs and founders and a wide range of leisure activities for everyone come together within short distances. In addition, there will be the Commuter and Returnee Day on this evening together with the Thuringian Agency for the Recruitment of Skilled Workers (ThAFF), specifically to inform commuters and those interested in returning about professional opportunities in the Ilm district."



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