"MINT-Geflüster": Networking evening for women in technical and scientific professions

TU Ilmenau/Katrin Zirkel
Following the panel discussion, a get-together offers space for an exchange in a relaxed atmosphere

On June 7, the Thuringian networking evening "MINT-Geflüster" will take place in Erfurt. During a panel discussion followed by a get-together, interested women who are active in the STEM field, i.e. in mathematics, computer science, natural science or technology, can inform themselves, talk to each other and network. With this event, the Thuringian Coordination Office for Science and Technology and the State Development Corporation of Thuringia mbH (LEG Thüringen) would like to encourage women to network successfully and thus become more visible in everyday professional life. All interested women are invited, from the pupil, student, Absolventin, Promovendin, Wiedereinsteigerin, woman employee up to the female high-level personnel from economics and science. Participation is free of charge, registration is requested: www.thueko.de/studentinnen/thueringer-netzwerkabend

There are still hurdles for young women who want to enter and make a career in technical and scientific professions. Formal competence, acquired through a university degree or further qualification, is apparently not enough to succeed in a career. Strong networks in particular are another important success factor. At the Thuringian networking evening "MINT-Geflüster," three successful women from science and business will discuss how women in technical and scientific professions can build networks in a goal-oriented manner and use them profitably:


Thuringian Network Evening "MINT Geflüster"

07.06.2022, 18:00-20:30 hrs.

COMCENTER Brühl, Mainzerhofstraße 12, 99084 Erfurt, Germany


Dr. rer. nat. Merle Fuchs


Dr. Merle Fuchs is a successful entrepreneur in the biotechnology company PRAMO MOLECULAR and in TechnologieContor, an institution that accompanies start-up and growth processes. The molecular biologist received the Thuringian Founders Award 2020 for her project PRAMO MOLECULAR and won the prize in the category "Impulsgeberin" at the ThEx AWARD.


Dr. Stephanie Kowitz-Harms

Head of the MINT Networking Office Germany

The MINT-Vernetzungsstelle, or MINTvernetzt for short, is the umbrella organization for out-of-school MINT education in Germany. MINTvernetzt is funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research and is jointly implemented by employees of the Körber Foundation, matrix gGmbH, the National MINTForum e. V., the Stifterverband and the University of Regensburg.


Nicole Sennewald

Managing Partner KrämerLoft Coworking Space Erfurt

With her coworking space, Nicole Sennewald offers young self-employed people, freelancers, creatives and company teams in Erfurt an environment in which they can work in a relaxed manner and exchange ideas. It thus operates between the startup scene and Thuringia's small and medium-sized businesses.


Freelance journalist and moderator Blanka Weber will lead through the evening.

Following the panel discussion, starting at 7:30 p.m., a get-together with a small snack will offer participants space for an exchange in a relaxed atmosphere.


Interested female STEM students have the opportunity to participate in an exclusive communication training prior to the networking evening. From 15:00-17:30 Cornelia Stöckmann, coach for executives, imparts competence and professionalism for a successful conversation. The focus will be on quick-witted reactions, attention to sympathy factors, strategic approaches and proactive action. Registration is requested: www.thueko.de/studentinnen/thueringer-netzwerkabend.



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