More space for research-based learning at TU Ilmenau

The TU Ilmenau is modernizing its degree programmes. Among other things, the standard period of study for selected master's degree programmes is being increased from three to four semesters. This will give students more time to deepen their knowledge of the subject and to deal with current research topics. The associated bachelor's degree programmes will then comprise six semesters - so the standard period of study for bachelor's and master's degrees will remain unchanged.


Starting with the winter semester 2021/22, several master's degree programmes will be offered with a longer standard period of study: This applies to the engineering courses Electrical Engineering and Information Technology, Engineering Computer Science as well as the social and communication science master's course Media and Communication Science. In October 2022, the study programmes Mechanical Engineering, Mechatronics, Automotive Engineering and Optical Systems Engineering/Optronics will follow. The standard period of study of the respective master's degree programmes will be extended to four semesters. The preceding bachelor's degree courses will now comprise six semesters instead of the previous seven, so that the joint standard period of study will remain unchanged at 10 semesters.

Portraitfoto Professorin Anja GeigenmüllerTU Ilmenau/ari
Prof. Anja Geigenmüller, Vizepräsidentin für Studium und Lehre der TU Ilmenau

"Master's programmes serve to extend and deepen basic knowledge acquired by students in a Bachelor's programme in a research-oriented subject-specific manner," says the Vice President for Learning and Teaching, Professor Anja Geigenmüller. "An additional Master's semester expands the scope for electives and specialization modules, for individual profiling as well as additional experience abroad or in practice." However, students at TU Ilmenau should not only benefit from greater freedom of choice, Prof. Geigenmüller continues: "They should also have the opportunity to be involved in current research topics and projects at their university already during their studies."

Increased integration of current social and research topics in teaching

To this end, new modules have been developed that focus more on current developments in research, for example on sustainable energy technology, artificial intelligence or biologically inspired electronics. In this way, TU Ilmenau aims to integrate current social and research topics more strongly into academic training: "In order to take even better account of tomorrow's demand for skilled workers, we have developed a broader spectrum of current training content," says Prof. Geigenmüller. "In doing so, we have made the choices for students very flexible, so that they can follow their own inclinations and talents even better and thus sharpen their professional profile to fit precisely in the course of their studies."

For example, the digital transformation would be inconceivable without the innovation potential of electrical engineering and information technology. Whether it's e-mobility, environmental technology, regenerative energies, telemedicine or assistance systems, experts in electrical engineering and information technology play an important role everywhere. "From our point of view, it is all the more important to have a direct reference to research in the course of studies in order to be close to the challenges and solution approaches of the future," Prof. Geigenmüller is convinced.

The Verband Deutscher Maschinen- und Anlagenbau (German Engineering Federation) has a similar view of the challenges facing engineering courses: With a view to increasingly demanding fields of activity, the job market needs graduates with a research-oriented education who have sound theoretical knowledge, methodological know-how and the ability to think scientifically in order to develop complex solutions to problems.

Easier transfer to a master's degree at the TU Ilmenau

And there is another advantage over the previous model: "The change from one university to another will be easier for all students. For young people with a bachelor's degree from another university to a master's degree at TU Ilmenau as well as for our bachelor's students if they want to continue their studies seamlessly at another university in germany or abroad after graduation", says the Vice President.



Prof. Anja Geigenmüller

Vice President for Learning and Teaching
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