New book: EEG/MEG Source Reconstruction

New book: EEG/MEG Source Reconstruction

This new textbook provides a comprehensive and didactic introduction from the basics to the current state of the art in the field of EEG/MEG source reconstruction. Reconstructing the generators or sources of electroencephalographic and magnetoencephalographic (EEG/MEG) signals is an important problem in basic neuroscience as well as clinical re-search and practice. Over the past few decades, an entire theory, together with a whole collection of algorithms and techniques, has developed.
In this textbook, the authors provide a unified perspective on a broad range of EEG/MEG source reconstruction methods, with particular emphasis on their respective assumptions about sources, data, head tissues, and sensor properties.
This book is intended as basic reading for anybody who is engaged with EEG/MEG source reconstruction, be it as a method developer or as a user, including advanced undergraduate students, PhD students, and postdocs in neuroscience, biomedical engineering, and related fields.

Knösche, Thomas R., and Jens Haueisen:

"EEG/MEG SOURCE RECONSTRUCTION: textbook for electro-and magnetoencephalography." Springer, 2022.

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