Physics of energy supply: Apply now for the Ilmenau Physics Summer!

What is the smartest design for wind turbines? Why do you need semiconductors for solar cells? How does a hybrid drive work? And what does radioactivity have to do with civilian energy use? At the Physics Summer 2022 at TU Ilmenau from September 12 to 16, everything will revolve around the physics of energy supply. Students of the gymnasiale Oberstufeinterested in physics and technology who would like to look at alternatives to conventional energy supply can stillapply take part in the Ilmenau Physics Summer until August 31, 2022.

Experiments and project work

The focus of the Physics Summer 2022 is on experiments that students of physics at the TU Ilmenau complete in the basic practical course. In addition, the students will work on a project on a topic of their own choice and will be supervised by students: from solar energy to electromobility, hydrogen propulsion and energy storage to individual energy saving, there will be a wide variety of topics to choose from. The results of the work will be presented in a short lecture at the end of the college, and the best presentations will be awarded a book prize. In addition, there will be lectures by scientists from the university who deal with the topic of energy supply. The participants will be accommodated in the Ilmenau youth hostel. The city of Ilmenau will make its summer toboggan run available, so that students will also be encouraged to excel in sports. Joint activities with tutors and lecturers will also provide an opportunity for an intensive exchange of ideas.

Addressing pressing issues for the future

The Physics Summer is organized by Prof. Jörg Kröger, Head of the Experimental Physics 1/ Surface Physics Group at the Institute of Physics: "Mineral resources such as coal, oil or gas are finite, and climate change caused by human activity is scientifically proven. Giving up ingrained structures of thought and action, however, is notoriously difficult, both in terms of society as a whole and individually." Together with the students, Prof. Kröger and his team would like to discuss alternatives to conventional energy supply, present the underlying physics and technology, and make a statement about climate compatibility: Is energy from nuclear emission 'green'? Is the electrically powered vehicle really the last word in wisdom? Or is the vehicle of the future the bicycle after all?  In this way, the Physics Summer aims to encourage young people to deal with pressing questions about the future that go beyond what they learn in school, and thus also to provide orientation when choosing a study program.

At TU Ilmenau, prospective students have until September 15 to apply for a wide range of science and engineering courses for the winter semester 2022/23.

Further information and registration for the Physics Summer 2022:www.tu-ilmenau.de/physiksommer


Prof. Jörg Kröger
Head of Experimental Physics 1/Surface Physics at TU Ilmenau
+3677 69-3608/-3609