Production and properties of porous metals - especially aluminum foams

TU Citizens' Campus

Topic:         Production and properties of porous metals - in particular aluminum foams

Speaker:    Dr. Günther Lange, TU Ilmenau, Department of Mechanical Engineering, acting head of the Group of Metallic Materials and Composites

Time:          Friday, 02.12.2022, 3:00 p.m.

Place:        TU Ilmenau,Faradaybau, Weimarer Straße 32

Admission: 5 Euro


Nature is the model for lightweight construction. The cellular structures of plants and living beings, for example bones, exhibit high stiffness and strength while keeping weight to a minimum. A cellular structure is also conducive to energy absorption, as demonstrated by the shell of the pomelo fruit.

In his lecture at the TU Ilmenau Citizens' Campus, Dr. Günther Lange, acting head of the Group of Metallic Materials and Composites at TU Ilmenau, explains that the positive properties of plants and living organisms can be transferred to technical applications in the form of porous metals. Aluminum foams are an innovative alternative for lightweight construction, and steel materials are being replaced by aluminum and magnesium alloys. Compared with solid materials, such metal foams have better energy and damping properties and higher specific stiffness. However, they have lower absolute strengths compared to the monomaterial. In his presentation, Dr. Lange will give an overview of the main properties, manufacturing processes and applications of metallic foams.



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