Radio hsf starts the summer semester

Germany's oldest student radio from Ilmenau ends its break from broadcasting.

When the new semester at the TU Ilmenau begins next Monday, the student radio hsf will also go back on air. Every weekday, radio hsf will broadcast live from 6:00 pm to 10:00 pm. A morning show is also part of the program again. In various broadcasts, for example, music genres are presented, current topics are addressed or local and regional issues are dealt with. The program is not only aimed at students, but also at the entire population of the Ilmenau region. Every evening, for example, there is news including regional news.

The station can be received in the city of Ilmenau on the FM frequency 98.1MHz or worldwide via the live stream on the Internet: www.radio-hsf.de

Over 40 radio producers volunteer at Radio hsf in addition to their studies. Last year the "Hochschulfunk" of the TU Ilmenau celebrated its 70th anniversary and broadcasts thus already longer than ARD and ZDF. This year there is another reason to celebrate: the 30th anniversary of the supporting association "hsf Studentenradio e.V.".

The broadcasting period in the 2021 summer semester begins on April 26 and ends on July 30.