Scientific Year 2022 of TU Ilmenau: „Smart World“

TU Ilmenau opens its Scientific Year 2022 "Smart World". For a whole year, the university is inviting dialog: the public with events, colloquia, lectures and on its website; and its own researchers in its internal university dialog format "Science Forum". At the center of the Scientific Year is research at TU Ilmenau - numerous projects that make the new networked world more comfortable, environmentally compatible and safer for us humans. The theme year starts with a kick-off event on January 26 and a lecture by Prof. Matthias Hein, director of the Thüringer Innovationszentrums Mobilität (ThIMo).

New wireless intelligent technical solutions are increasingly finding their way into our everyday lives. The smartphone as a constant companion is the key to the networked world: as a digital global communication platform and for exchanging information, for limitless entertainment, for reliable navigation and to warn of dangers and disasters with the help of artificial intelligence, algorithms and sensors, to record our environment and to use services such as cashless payment, driving service offers or tools for pandemic control.

Porträtfoto von Prof. Stefan Sinzinger, Vizepräsident für Forschung und Wissenschaftlichen Nachwuchs, vor verschwommenem HintergrundTU Ilmenau/ari
Prof. Stefan Sinzinger, Vice President for Research and Young Scientists

But the smart world does not end with the smartphone. Prof. Stefan Sinzinger, Vice President for Research and Young Scientists at TU Ilmenau, recalls the breadth and complexity of the university's interdisciplinary research projects: "It is the numerous researchers at our university who are helping to push the state of the art of wireless mobile communication into ever new dimensions, developing highly sensitive, powerful sensor technology for sustainable mobility and for environmental protection, creating novel assistance systems for intelligent industrial manufacturing based on machine learning, and researching the next generation of smart microsystems for a wide range of applications. With all these projects, TU Ilmenau is playing a major role in shaping the future Smart World. Our theme year provides deep insights into our collaborations with international partners from science and industry. "

The Scientific Year 2022 "Smart World" will start on January 26 at 5 p.m. with a kick-off event that will be live-streamed on www.tu-ilmenau.de/veranstaltungen/kick-off-themenjahr-2022. After Prof. Stefan Sinzinger will have opened the theme year, the director of the ThIMo and head of the Group of High Frequency and Microwave Technology, Prof. Matthias Hein, will speak on the topic of "Smart World - examples from the application field of automated and connected driving." In his lecture, Prof. Hein will answer questions about networked mobility using the example of current research projects at the university and ThIMo. In a mobility that is becoming increasingly digital, he sees automated and connected driving as the mobility topic of the day. At the Innovation Center, which is located at the TU Ilmenau, completely new technologies are being researched on an interdisciplinary basis: in addition to wireless sensor and transmission processes, methods of functional validation through virtual test drives.





Prof. Stefan Sinzinger

Vice President for Research and Young Scientists
+49 3677 69-5020