State Secretary for Infrastructure Susanna Karawanskij visits TU Ilmenau

On her summer tour, theState Secretary in the Thuringian Ministry of Infrastructure and Agriculture, Susanna Karawanskij, on 25 August 2021 visited two facilities of the TU Ilmenau: The IT Service Center and the Oeconomicum. The 14-million-euro new building of the IT Service Center will provide all ten Thuringian state universities with IT services starting next year. The Oeconomicum building, which is used by the Faculty of Economics and Media at TU Ilmenau for teaching and research, was modernised from the ground up.

TU Ilmenau/Marco Frezzella
Staatssekretärin Karawanskij im künftigen Serverraum des neuen IT-Dienstleistungszentrums an der TU Ilmenau

The State Secretary for Infrastructure, Susanna Karawanskij, was extremely impressed during her tour of the IT Service Center. On 2100 square meters of floor space, the new building will house offices, server and technical rooms, computer pools and various laboratories, including one for virtual reality applications. In the future, the center will provide the ten state universities in Thuringia with all central IT services: server and computer infrastructure, special IT systems, core network nodes, print and plot technology and numerous other services. Originally scheduled for October, theIT service centre will go into operation in the spring of next year after a good three years of construction - in view of the supply problems caused not least by the Corona pandemic, a delay that Susanna Karawanskij has noted with admiration: "Building a computer centre is not exactly something trivial. The cooperation of all those involved can sometimes turn into a thriller. In this respect, I find it impressive how the different requirements were implemented here." The state of Thuringia is investing around 14 million euros in the construction project. Of this, 80 percent is being funded by the European Regional Development Fund, while the remaining 20 percent is being financed by the state itself.

TU Ilmenau/Marco Frezzella
Staatssekretärin Karawanskij vor Ansichten des Oeconomicum-Gebäudes vor und nach den Umbauarbeiten.

The Oeconomicum building, which was commissioned in 1992 and is used by the Department of Economic Sciences and Media for teaching and research, had to be adapted to meet current building law, structural engineering and, above all, fire protection requirements. At the same time, all rooms were rearranged and the three-storey building as a whole was made handicapped accessible. The entire mansard roof was demolished and replaced by a new attic with a flat roof, which houses, among other things, a new, modern seminar room. With its workrooms, seminar rooms, computer labs and technical operating rooms, the Oeconomicum will offer students of the Department of Economic Sciences and Media the very best study conditions in the future.


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