Journal prize for FG CCS

Successful DGPUK2024 including journal prize

🎉 Congratulations to our colleagues Maximilian Zehring and Emese Domahidi on winning second place in the DGPuK journal prize for their article in M&K! 🏆

The award-winning essay can be found here:

Jost, P., Heft, A., Buehling, K., Zehring, M., Schulze, H., Bitzmann, H., & Domahidi, E. (2023). Mapping a Dark Space: Challenges in Sampling and Classifying Non-Institutionalized Actors on Telegram. M&K Media & Communication Studies, 71(3-4), 212-229. https://www.nomos-elibrary.de/10.5771/1615-634X-2023-3-4-212.pdf

Our department had an extremely successful #DGPuK24 annual conference at the University of Erfurt, Seminar for Media and Communication Studies - a big thank you to the organizing team for a fantastic event!

Here are more presentations from our field:

🔍 Anke Stoll: Development and publication of individual research apps using the example of DIKI

📊 Kilian Buehling; Heidi Schulze; Maximilian Zehring: The lateral thinking Telegram data set 2020-2022