The Rainforest in the Shopping Cart - Exhibition at Ilmenau University Library

The exhibition "Consumption and the Rainforest" will be on display at Ilmenau University Library from September 30 to November 6, 2021. The travelling exhibition of the nature conservation organisation OroVerde gives the viewer insights into the global consequences of today's consumption. It can be viewed during the opening hours of the University Library, Langewiesener Str. 37, and admission is free.

The tropical rainforest is not as far away from us as one might think. We find it in our everyday life, because rainforest is hidden in numerous foodstuffs and consumer goods of our daily life - whether it is palm oil from Indonesia or palm oil from the USA.Whether it's palm oil from Indonesia or Malaysia, or paper made from pulp imported from Brazil. Every time we reach for our smartphones, we are holding a piece of rainforest in our hands, because every mobile phone uses metals and rare earths that come from rainforest areas, especially in Africa. And rainforest is always cleared for them.

The exhibition "Consumption and Rainforest" gives the viewer an insight into the global consequences of today's consumption and addresses the biggest drivers of deforestation. With simple, practical tips, it invites visitors to make their own purchasing behaviour more sustainable. The exhibition was developed by "OroVerde", a non-profit nature conservation organisation that has been campaigning for the preservation of tropical rainforests for 30 years.



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