Citizens' Campus: The fascination of laser beams for processing materials - what about welding?

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Fr. 26.04.2024
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Topic: The fascination of laser beams for processing materials - what about welding?

Speaker: Prof. Dr. Jean Pierre Bergmann, TU Ilmenau, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Head of the Group Production Engineering

Time: Friday, 26.04.2024. 2024, 15:00

Location: TU Ilmenau, Faradaybau, Weimarer Straße 32

Admission: 5 Euro

Im TU Ilmenau Bürgercampus am 26.04. spricht Prof. Jean Pierre Bergmann über das Schweißen mit Laserstrahl

Welding is considered an outdated process. Wrongly so: Welding is still used for almost all products and construction methods and welding with the help of the laser beam tool has increased rapidly over the last 25 years. Today, it is impossible to imagine industrial production without laser beam welding. In his lecture at the TU Ilmenau Citizens' Campus, Prof. Jean Pierre Bergmann, Head of the Group of Production Engineering at the TU Ilmenau, will explain how laser beams can be used to carry out highly automated manufacturing processes at maximum speed. However, he also explains the challenges that welding with laser beams still poses for industry and science. From the outside you can only see bright sparks, but what happens inside the processed material: in the so-called molten pool? Uncontrolled phenomena still influence the welding result and ensure that welding takes place more slowly than desired. Prof. Jean Pierre Bergmann will report on what science is trying to do to optimize the process of laser beam welding at the Bürgercampus on 26 April, also using high-speed videos.



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