TU Ilmenau receives 3.3 million euros from the federal state of Thuringia for Artificial Intelligence research

Staatssekretär und Präsident zeigen ZuweisungsbescheidTU Ilmenau
Der Staatssekretär im Thüringer Ministerium für Wirtschaft, Wissenschaft und Digitale Gesellschaft, Carsten Feller (li.), übergibt dem Präsidenten der TU Ilmenau, Prof. Kai-Uwe Sattler, einen Fördermittelbescheid über gut 3,3 Millionen Euro für das Vorhaben thurAI

Today (July 26, 2021), Carsten Feller, State Secretary in the Thuringian Ministry of Economics, Science and Digital Society, presented Technische Universität Ilmenau with a funding decision for a good 3.3 million euros for the three-year thurAI project. The project consists of twelve concrete individual projects with which methods of artificial intelligence are to be implemented in business and society. The state is funding forward-looking research and development projects in Thuringian research institutions and companies through the "Package of Measures for Innovation Potential".

Big data technologies, data science and machine learning are key areas of digitalization. Methods and techniques for collecting and evaluating large data sets and learning models based on this data are indispensable today in a wide variety of social areas: in Industry 4.0, mobility, especially autonomous driving, robotics or medical technology. The digital revolution has not only found its way into industry, it has also resulted in a huge demand for appropriately qualified specialists - in computer science, engineering and the natural sciences, in medicine, and even in the humanities and social sciences, knowledge of data science and machine learning is now expected. The Thuringian Center for Learning Systems and Robotics (TZLR)has setitself the goal ofdeveloping such know-how andproducing such specialists. In the research and transfer centre, TU Ilmenau has been coordinating all activities of universities, research institutions and industry in Thuringia in the fields of artificial intelligence, machine learning, big data and robotics under one roof since 2020.

Here, in the transfer project "Thuringian Artificial Intelligence" - thurAI for short, where "AI" stands for Artificial Intelligence - the TU Ilmenau and the Friedrich Schiller University of Jena, together with the Ilmenau Institute for Microelectronic and Mechatronic Systems (IMMS) and Thuringian companies, are working on twelve individual projects in three promising areas: In healthcare and medical technology, they are researching how AI methods can be used in medical devices and in care facilities. In production and quality assurance, innovative methods are being tested with which production and manufacturing processes can be automated and monitored. And in the area of Smart City, scientists from the TU Ilmenau and the IMMS are working together with the city of Ilmenau to develop intelligent digital solutions for the efficiency, citizen-friendliness and sustainability of modern communities. In addition, selected AI methods are being tested in practice in Thuringian companies in a Living Lab and the research results are being demonstrated to the public.

The TU Ilmenau wants to attract the best workers in the field of artificial intelligence to Thuringia - and promote promising talents. For example, students can acquire knowledge in artificial intelligence not only in computer science courses, but also in engineering. In the large transfer project thurAI, ambitious young scientists will also come together in the future in innovative formats such as summer schools to conduct research on specific AI topics. For example, the summer school "Digitalization Workshop" is planned for 2022 at Friedrich Schiller University Jena and the summer school "Machine Learning in Engineering" is planned for 2023 at Ilmenau University of Technology. And in hackathon events - a neologism made up of "hack" and "marathon" - the young scientists develop software and hardware together.

Research on artificial intelligence in industry - to the ministry's press release.


Prof. Kai-Uwe Sattler
President and Head of the Department of Databases and Information Systems.

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