"Unpredictable compositions" - exhibition in the Ilmenau University Library

Gemälde von Jochen WalterJochen Walter

"Unpredictable compositions" - abstract geometric paintings by Jochen Walter are on display at the art exhibition in the university library of TU Ilmenau. The Suhl-based artist has already been a guest at the TU Ilmenau library three times. The response was so great that this will be his fourth exhibition, which is dedicated to two other painting techniques: the pouring and squeegee technique. The exhibition is open from July 9 to September 7, 2024, Monday to Saturday during the library's opening hours; admission is free.

"Unpredictable compositions" is the title of artist Jochen Walter's exhibition, because the result of paintings created using the pouring or squeegee technique is always surprising for the painter himself. Pouring means pouring or pouring in English, in Germany the technique is also known as the flow technique. Every picture that Jochen Walter creates with this highly experimental style is an experiment, a creative game that produces unique results.

The same applies to the squeegee technique. When the artist spreads the paint over the canvas with the squeegee tool, new color mixtures and diverse compositions are constantly created that are more exciting and varied than the previous ones. "It's important to develop a sense of which elements harmonize and which don't and to find exactly the right moment to finish the work," says Jochen Walter.



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