Winter semester 2021/22 at TU Ilmenau largely in presence

First-year students will be able to complete the winter semester 2021/22 at TU Ilmenau largely on site in Ilmenau. "Come to Ilmenau, take up residence here and shape university life together with us," says the Vice President for Teaching and Learning, Prof. Anja Geigenmüller. The university has taken extensive measures to enable the winter semester to be largely attended despite the ongoing corona pandemic.


The students of the TU Ilmenau will be able to complete the winter semester 2021/22 largely on site in Ilmenau. The TU Ilmenau has during the summer months to ensure that students will be able to attend lectures, seminars and laboratory practicals in the coming winter semester on site in Ilmenau. After a first vaccination campaign for students already in July, there will probably be another vaccination offer especially for students in Thuringia in the second half of September 2021, possibly until the beginning of October 2021. This vaccination offer is aimed in particular at first-year students and international students, but is of course not limited to these groups. In contrast to the first weekend in July, the vaccinations will not be offered centrally, but will be carried out by mobile teams at the university locations, possibly also in the vaccination centers on site with special time allotments for the students. More information will follow shortly.

As the infection situation is currently at a low level, prospective students can get to know the university, the lecturers and fellow students in person before lectures begin on 11 October. The "ErstiWoche", during which the new students are accompanied by student tutors during their first steps into their studies, will most likely take place from 3 to 10 October 2021.

Personal exchange among students
Portrait von Professorin Anja Geigenmüller, Vizepräsidentin für Studium und Lehre der TU IlmenauTU Ilmenau/ari
Professorin Anja Geigenmüller, Vizepräsidentin für Studium und Lehre der TU Ilmenau

Prof. Anja Geigenmüller: "Our campus should once again be the central study location. In this way, we want to make it easier for first-year students to arrive in the university environment and to establish contacts with other students. All students and lecturers should be able to exchange ideas in face-to-face events and meet each other on the university campus, in the library, at university sports or other events. Because university is so much more than just attending lectures." Therefore, the TU Ilmenau attaches great importance to the fact that cultural and sporting events are also possible again in presence. Thus, the numerous student clubs on campus are to become active again. "Personal encounters, the togetherness of teachers and students, actual community - all this is needed for a functioning university," says Anja Geigenmüller.

Support from the Studierendenwerk Thüringen

The Studierendenwerk Thüringen has also made important arrangements for a safe winter semester on campus. Prospective students are guaranteed to find housing, whether on campus or in the nearby city. Applications for dormitory places can be made online at any time on the Studierendenwerk website. Strict hygiene concepts apply to the dining halls and cafeterias. For example, all guests must register at the entrance via QR code, except for taking food, they must wear a mask at all times and payment is only possible without cash. Tenants of the student housing complexes are informed about current Corona regulations in notices, circulars and on the Studierendenwerk website. Frequently asked questions about Corona are answered on the page www.stw-thueringen.de/faq-coronavirus answered.

Central Student Advisory Service and we4you-Service for international and german students

And if things get difficult, the University offers its students an extensive on-site advisory network, whether it is a matter of subject-related or personal questions. Since studying under Corona conditions poses special challenges for students, the Central Student Advisory service and the we4you Servicefor international and german Students answer questions about corona every wednesday at 7 pm. In addition to the university's regular counselling and support services, staff members are on hand to help students with their uncertainties, direct them to the right places and offer them support, for example, also in applying for vaccination appointments.

The Studierendenwerk also supports students with personal problems. Students with financial difficulties can receive short-term support within the framework of the bridging aid from the federal government and the corona financial aid from the state of Thuringia(https://www.stw-thueringen.de/finanzen/hilfen-in-coronazeiten.html) and first-year students can apply for support within the framework of the "StudiumThüringenPlus" program.. In addition, the psychosocial counselling service for students is to be expanded for the winter semester.

Further information on beginning studies under corona conditions can be found here.



Prof. Anja Geigenmüller

Vice President for Teaching and Learning
+49 3677 69-5010



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