On April 10 we celebrate the World Interferometry Day 2024 to commemorate the groundbreaking development of the interferometer. Albert Abraham Michelson's ingenious invention over 140 years ago has become synonymous with high-precision measurement technology. More than any other technology, it embodies the art of measuring extraordinarily small quantities and effects. Pushing technology to its limits and challenging it to ever new heights - that is the credo of modern laser interferometer technology.

All interested parties are invited to celebrate this day with experiments, lectures and other activities. The event will take place from 4 pm in the foyer and courtyard of the Ernst Abbe Centre and will end around 9 pm with a laser show. We look forward to welcoming all guests!

On the occasion of World Interferometry Day, we will host an International Scientific Symposium at TU Ilmenau on April 15, 2024. Further information and registration can be found here.

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