2020/21: Year of Energy

Prof. Kai-Uwe Sattler, vorläufiger Präsident der TU IlmenauTU Ilmenau/ari

The change in strategy towards renewable energy sources, which is necessary from an ecological and economic point of view, requires the development of new technologies on an unprecedented scale and in many different areas. Established methods and processes in the generation, transport and use of energy sources must be adapted in a complex transformation process. However, effective and economically viable technologies are often still lacking, especially in the details of implementation.

Scientists from various disciplines at TU Ilmenau have been working intensively in the field of energy research for years in order to answer the multitude of still unanswered questions regarding the energy transition.

Within the framework of the "Year of Energy", we would like to make the complexity and breadth of the joint efforts in this scientific field more visible and provide insights into our research activities. We report on ongoing projects and invite you to events on the topic of energy.

If you have any questions about our research, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Your Prof. Kai-Uwe Sattler | President of TU Ilmenau

Neuromorphic electronics

In this interview, Professor Martin Ziegler explains how he develops electronics that are inspired by biology

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News about energy research at the TU Ilmenau

News from Lightning Research

Scientific findings, innovative technologies and current issues from the 14th Lightning Protection Conference

"Here you can also apply the knowledge you have learned and put it into practice with your own hands"

How can we make the world a better place to live in for our generation and all those who come after? With more awareness, for example, in energy consumption, travel, consumption and recycling - even in our private everyday life? Jasmin (26) already thought a lot about this and about the finite nature of resources as a teenager.More about Jasmin's commitment and her master's degree in regenerative energy technology


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Theresa is researching new battery technologies:

Elli and Xinya are studying Electrical Power and Control Engineering

Hieu is studying Regenerative Energy Technology:

Scientists of the TU Ilmenau report on their research work

TU Ilmenau

Dezember 2021
Interview with Prof. Yong Lei about promising new energy storage technologies for the battery of the future

"The future energy storage market will be diverse"

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Christoph Lehne

December 2021
Interview with PD Dr. Valentin Ivanov on challenges and research successes in the development of innovative components for electric vehicles.

"Range remains one of the most important challenges in engineering an electric vehicle"

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Fotostudio AnLi

November 2021
Interview with Dr. Michael Stich on research to optimize lithium-ion batteries: faster, more efficient and cheaper.

"The big challenge is that you want to store large amounts of energy in a small volume and low weight."

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TU Ilmenau/Barbara Aichroth

October 2021
Scientist Elisabeth Feldhoff on the research goal of a CO2-free and cost-optimal energy supply.

"My generation is the one that has to implement the energy transition!"

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May 2021
Prof. Thomas Hannappel interviewed by Renate Ell on BAYERN 2 radioWissen about the background and goals of his research into artificial photosynthesis.

"The goal is to eventually develop an artificial leaf that is scalable, robust and competitive, so that you would have different solar fuels available."

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TU Ilmenau/Christoph Gorke

March 2021
Interview with Prof. Thomas Hannappel on decoding interfaces for the sustainable energy supply of the future.

"This could be a crucial building block for a 'green economy' in the near future."

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February 2021
Interview with Prof. Martin Ziegler on biologically inspired electronics.

"We want to develop extremely energy-efficient hardware and to do this, we want to replicate information processing as it takes place in biology within technical systems."

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Eleonora Hamburg

November 2020
Interview with Prof. Tobias Reimann on hydrogen research at TU Ilmenau.


"The research field of hydrogen is so interesting for universities because you have tolook at the entire breadth, starting with thescientific fundamentals and endingwithoverall engineering systems. "

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Pavel Chatterjee

October 2020
Interview with Prof. Kai-Uwe Sattler and Prof. Dirk Westermann on the launch of the Energy theme year.


"At our university, we teach and research in the field of energy technology, among other things, and would like to make a contribution to society against the backdrop of climate change."

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Bipedal runners for energy-optimal locomotion - Electrical voltage from quantum mechanical electron spin - Biologically inspired electronics:

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