Space for young researchers at the TU Ilmenau - the Roberta Regional Center

Space for young researchers

The Roberta Network

Within the framework of the activities of the Roberta Initiative, a network has been created and steadily grown since its beginning in 2002. In addition to the certified Roberta teachers, cooperation partners such as universities, educational, cultural and research institutions, as well as associations and institutions that are committed to the promotion and dissemination of STEM education, are also active in this network.

Experiencing and trying things out for oneself, as well as a high degree of practical relevance, play an important role in conveying the fascination of science and technology to schoolchildren. With the initiation of the student laboratory and the founding of a Roberta Regional Center at the Ilmenau University of Technology, a further step is being taken in the dialogue between schools and universities. The motivating contact with technology is intended to provide pupils with access to scientific and technical professions and courses of study and to support them in their choice of studies and careers. The first Roberta RegioZentrum in Thuringia is part of an existing nationwide network. Roberta aims to arouse interest in technology, science and computer science among young people, especially girls and women, through the fascination of robots, and to promote an understanding of technical systems.

The Roberta Regiona Center Ilmenau is located in the Kirchhoffbau, room K 1088. Courses in different levels are offered regularly. Check the events of the Pupil Research Centre for current dates!