Study offer Diplom-Ingenieur

Flexible and international

The single 10-semester courses of study offer a wide range of opportunities to develop personal initiative and acquire additional qualifications. Diploma students can flexibly combine major and minor subjects and also select "foreign" minor subjects if this seems to make sense for a future professional career. The new diploma courses of study offer broad opportunities to acquire intercultural skills. Students can spend between two and a maximum of four semesters abroad during the course of their studies, write their diploma thesis abroad or do a specialist internship abroad. At the end of their studies, students are awarded the internationally recognised degree Diplom with the professional title "Diplom-Ingenieur". The equivalence of the diploma degree with the master degree is guaranteed by the TU Ilmenau and is noted on the degree certificate. The introduction of the diploma courses of study will initially take place within the framework of a six-year model test. In the meantime, TU Ilmenau and the Thuringian Ministry of Economics, Science and Digital Society are conducting an evaluation to determine whether the model should be made permanent and extended to other degree programs.

Mechanical Engineering

Michael Reichel (ari)

- Mechanical and apparatus engineering

- Optics and lighting technology

- Automotive industry

- Micro- and nanosystem technology

- Measuring, sensor and drive technology

- Construction technology

- plastics, glass and ceramics industry

- Precision Engineering

- Academic teaching and research

Electrical engineering and information technology

- Electronic industry

- Micro- and nanotechnology

- Electric power generation, conversion, storage and distribution

- information and communication technology

- Audiovisual media

- Automation Technology

- Biomedical Engineering

- Academic teaching and research

Michael Reichel (ari)

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