The "Europa-Studium" is aimed at students of all disciplines and employees of the TU Ilmenau who want to gain basic knowledge about the European unification process and the resulting consequences for practical work in European companies.

The European Union and the further processes of European integration require different and new professional qualifications in all professional fields. For this reason, students are taught foreign language skills, information about working abroad, but also knowledge about the legal, political, economic, cultural and social conditions in the other European countries, as well as the ability to deal with other mentalities and cultures.

This additional training should enable graduates to successfully master the tasks and challenges in the fields of business, administration, interest groups and international organisations in a united Europe.

The course comprises a module with four courses. Each course is completed with a graded piece of work. A certificate of completion of the module is issued for successful completion of the course. It shows the courses completed and the results achieved.

You can find the registration form for the study-accompanying course here.