Successful Promotion Marcel Maurer

Marcel Maurer, M. Sc. successfully defended his dissertation on the topic "Open forms of organization and their implementation" on 25.11.2022  

The chair of the doctoral committee, JProf. Elena Freisinger, emphasized during the presentation of the candidate that Marcel Maurer has presented his research at national (The German Academic Association of Business Research), European (European Group for Organization Studies) as well as international conferences (Academy of Management), and that his work as an employee of the TU Ilmenau not only includes the articles submitted as dissertation theses, but that further essays have also been published or are under review.

In terms of content, Marcel Maurer's work has examined the opening of the organization at various levels, namely the network level, the company level, the team level and the individual level. The focus of the presentation during the public debate was a study at the team level entitled "Forced to go virtual". The study examined how teams switched their communication to virtual media during the lockdown and how this affected team success. Mr. Maurer was able to convincingly explain both the specifics of the study and approaches for further research.

We are happy with our long-time team member and wish him all the best and much success for the future!