Geometry measurement

Measuring arm with probe and laser scanner

FARO Fusion + Laser Line Probe

3D measurement of components, interior and body 3D modelling and reverse engineering Positioning and calibration in space Anthropometry

-Design: 2,4 m / 7 axes

-Accuracy tactile: 51 µm

-Accuracy optical: 35 µm


Measuring table

Measuring plate for FARO Fusion in natural hard stone DIN 876/000

Size of measuring table: 1500 x 1000 mm² Surface flatness: 2,5 µm Surface diamond lapped Corrosion and acid resistant Hardness: 6 - 7 (Mohs hardness) With threaded inserts in table surface

Messarm mit Taster und LaserscannerTU Ilmenau
Those: FARO

3D Midrange Laser Scanner

FARO Focus 3D X 330

Surveying and verification of industrial plants and installations Testing of large shapes and components Architecture and terrain surveying


-Range: 0.6 m to 330 m

-Systematic distance error: ±2 mm

-Special features: Integrated GPS receiver, scanning in direct sunlight

3D Midrange LaserscannerFaro
Source: Faro

Laser line scanner

ScanControl 2750 -100 Laser line scanner from Micro Epsilon


-Max. profile scanning rate (depending on measuring surface): 4000 Hz
-Typical profile scanning rate: 500 Hz
-Component vibrations detectable
-Measuring distance: approx. 500 mm
-Profile width: approx. 100 mm

LaserlinienscannerMicro Epsilon
Those: Micro Epsilon

Wheel alignment system

Beissbarth ML 8 R easy + scissors lift walnut UNI-Lift 3500 NT Plus

Extensive database with target values of all common vehicles and own vehicle configurations


-Measurement of individual wheel position sizes
-Rim runout compensation
-Wheel sizes up to 24"
-4 measuring heads with 2 infrared camera systems each
-Loading capacity: max = 4000 kg (wheel-free jack 3500 kg)
-Wheelbase: max = 4050 mm
-Width: max = 2120 mm

AchsvermessungssystemTU Ilmenau