On-board measurement systems

Bidirectional telemetry system

System for bidirectional data transmission between main station and test vehicle, used for vehicle dynamics development and modelling (analysis of driving behaviour).


-3 km range (omni-directional)
-Scanning rate 48 kSps (stand-alone mode)
-24 kSps (modules coupled)
-Bandwidth per channel 20 kHz (stand-alone mode), 10 kHz (modules coupled):
-8 x analog, 4 x digital, 8 x ICP, 4 x thermocouplex, 1 x CAN
-Driving dynamics measurement

Bidirektionales TelemetriesystemTU Ilmenau

Vehicle dynamics measurement


-Dual-axis, correlation-optical sensor
-Contactless, non-slip distance/speed measurement in 2 axes
-Determination of skew/float angle
-Speed measurement range: 0,5 - 310 km/h
-Angle measurement range: ± 40°

Racelogic VB3i with Video VBOX Pro

Acquisition of driving state variables such as speed, lateral and longitudinal acceleration as well as position in combination with 4 channel camera system for driving documentation Additional measuring equipment for highly dynamic vehicle data and driving dynamics measurement (Peiseler wheel, Correvit Datron).


-100 Hz DGPS
-500 K Can-Bus connection
-Data logger
-4 x AI, 2 x AO, 2 x DI, 2 x DO
-4 Cameras
-2 Microphones
-Video overlay

Those: Racelogic

Real-time systems for measurement and control tasks

Real-time systems for testing control strategies for driver assistance systems in road tests

PXI/Compact-PCI (from National Instruments)

Autobox (dSpace company):

-Processor board, DAQ board, HIL board
-7 slots
-Operation with 12 V, 24 V and 48 V vehicle electrical systems
-Installation in the trunk or vehicle interior

MicroLabBox (Pr. dSPACE):

-DS1202 processor board
-A/D and D/A I/O boards
-CAN communication
-Hardware-in-the-Loop test bench (Pr. dSPACE):

-DS1006 processor board
-A/D and D/A I/O boards
-CAN and FlexRay communication
-Integrated control of chassis systems

Real-Time-Systeme für Mess- und RegelaufgabendSpace
Those: dSpace

Motor tester

Bosch KTS 650

Equipped with 1 GB RAM and 40 GB HDD Integrated 2-channel multimeter for voltage, current and resistance measurement Integrated 2-channel oscilloscope with 2 x 5 MSample/s Comprehensive test software Bosch ESI[tronic] (training version) Supports all common OBD protocols

MotortesterTU Ilmenau

Fuel consumption measurement system

Gregory Flowtronic Sensor Series S8005

-Precise measurement of the fuel consumption of combustion engines with high measuring accuracy
-Use on engines running on gasoline, diesel, alcohol and biofuels Accurate and highly dynamic measurement of minimum flow rates (idling) and high volume flows (full load)
-Use in mobile driving tests and on the test bench


-Measuring range: 0,1 to 250 l/h
-Measuring accuracy volume: ±0,5 %
-Volume resolution: 0,004 ml

Source: Gregory