Future means education! Knowledge is the future resource of the society and this must be made usable and developed further. In-service seminars and continuing education courses are designed to enable specialists and managers to give new impetus to their work and update their knowledge. For the individual, targeted further training always means opportunities to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their work and thus always adds value to their company.

The Academic Training and Further Education business area includes, among other things, pre-study programs and further education concepts as well as the development of individual educational programs according to the customer's wishes. Here too, almost all technical and economic-scientific fields of work are covered.

For the implementation of the education and further education programs, TU Ilmenau Service GmbH works closely with the Technische Universität Ilmenau, proven providers of the further education market as well as the network of Emeriti and former employees of the university.

TU Ilmenau
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