Learning at the University College at the Goetheschule Ilmenau

A-levels in a mathematical-scientific special class and profile building in natural science and technology.

Attention - Application for 2012 possible

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The university college is located at the Goetheschule Ilmenau and is organized in cooperation with the Berufliches Gymnasium at Staatliches Berufsschulzentrum Ilmenau and the Technische Universität Ilmenau.

Learning in a special class with a profile in natural sciences and technology is characterized by

  • In-depth mathematics and science lessons in small classes
  • Imparting practical skills in the fields of materials, mechanics and electrical/electronic engineering
  • Junior studies in natural science and engineering subjects at TU Ilmenau
  • All-day school offers
  • Accommodation in a school boarding school

Advantages of training at the University College

Students receive a sound mathematical, scientific and technical education. This provides them with good starting conditions for studying natural science subjects at TU Ilmenau.

Examination and study achievements from the junior studies will be credited for future studies on the basis of the acquired credit (ECTS) points.

Advance credits from the University College are used in the context of special study plans for individual curriculum design and can enable early completion of studies or early involvement in interesting research tasks.