Within the scope of scientific services for regional companies, not only the hardware in demand is of enormous importance, but also the necessary know-how, in the form of knowledge about the functioning and correct handling of machinery as well as the context-related correct selection and application of measurement and research methods. The result and success of economic and scientific work is therefore crucially dependent on the competent selection of personnel.

The daily handling of equipment from the R&D activities of the TU Ilmenau, as well as the accumulated experience and the long-proven expertise, thus make the university's staff an important factor in the use of hardware via TUIT. This circumstance offers the TU staff as well as the superordinate faculties and institutes the opportunity to get to know new fields of application of the techniques in the economy, to make new contacts with regional companies and to expand their wealth of experience.

For this purpose, we will refer you, as competent experts, to our customers from business, science and industry and include you in our family of companies within the framework of a separate employee contract. In consultation with your faculty and institute director and taking into account your working hours at the TU Ilmenau, you will then be assigned to projects and remunerated for your services by Transfer GmbH.

In addition, we will be happy to assist you in your own contacts with companies and institutions for the assumption of organisational work. This includes, among other things, the provision of hardware, the drafting of contracts & general terms and conditions as well as the billing of scientific services rendered.

We also support the initiative of all employees. Thus, new training and further education courses can be generated on the basis of your ideas and offered to interested companies. You are free to take over the task of the instructor yourself or to accompany the course in terms of content.

We also support you in the development of new concepts for the use of scientific findings and your own patents. In doing so, we will help you with the preparation of a business plan, the collection of start-up capital through foundations and investors, as well as with the development of marketing concepts up to the emergence of an established start-up company, with you as project manager.

Are you interested in gaining new experience and broadening your horizon through working at the university? Then use our contact form and describe your field of work, your idea and your interests. We look forward to your inquiries.


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