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The TU Ilmenau Transfer GmbH sees itself both as a service provider and partner of mainly regional but also Germany-wide operating companies in terms of the range of scientific and technical services offered and as a promoter and support in the development, administration and marketing of future-oriented projects of the Technical University of Ilmenau.

This duality of the Transfer GmbH's field of activity thus enables it to take on a mediating position between industry and the university. We support the cooperation between departments of the TU Ilmenau and companies from all over Germany and enable the joint use of laboratories, hardware and licenses as well as the placement of experts with the subject-related know-how for the successful achievement of the project goals. The well-organized spatial and personnel planning does not disturb the teaching activities of the university, but rather expands and specifies the application and research spectrum of different areas.

Scientific and technical services:

TU Ilmenau
  • Measurements in our own laboratory or at the customer
  • Scientific consulting services, training and expert opinions
  • Design tasks for products and test equipment
  • Calculations and simulations
  • Planning and creation of machine control systems
  • Complete assembly of test and measuring equipment
  • Scientific monitoring of process engineering developments
  • Organisation and implementation of opinion polls

Development, promotion & management support of innovations and intellectual property rights of the university and local start-ups:

Performance of development services

  • Complete developments from the idea to the product (prototype) or process on behalf of or in cooperation with the customer
  • Appearance of TU Ilmenau Transfer GmbH as project partner in funded joint projects

Implementation of transfer services

  • Establishment of a pool of personnel, rooms and equipment to support the university and guarantee a secure business basis
  • Marketing of own and university intellectual property rights

This results in a mutually profitable potential in the entire value chain of innovative products, methods and patents. Applicability, confidentiality and reliability in the way we work are our highest corporate principles.