INFO 6 - Instructions for using the catalogue

1. General

The catalogue of the Ilmenau University Library contains the entire literature collection (books, journals, non-print media) and is available on our website on the Internet and all computer workstations in the library.

Under the item "catalogue" you have access to:

Catalogue of the UB Ilmenau


University bibliography at TU Ilmenau

  • Search for publications by members of Technische Universität Ilmenau (see point Additional contents of the catalogue).

Catalogue of the library of the University of applied sciences Schmalkalden


Governmental libraries


GVK - GBV Union Catalogue


Central catalogues and databases of the Common Library Network

When you would like to create a bookmark for the Ilmenau catalogue (e.g. as access to the user account), please use

Please note that your  user account (link in the upper menu bar) opens in a new browser window. When you have completed your work, close your user account for security reasons, especially in public-access areas.


2. Search in the catalogue

The catalogue is presented in three fields: Menu navigation at/on the top and left section of the screen, input area below the upper menu bar and below given search results area.

2.1 Phrasing a search request

With "simple search" you can select the desired search key in the Pull-Down-Menu of the upper input line (e. g. "all words" for the search in the entire catalogue content, "person, author" for the search of the authors’ names).
Several search terms can be combined by using "and", "or", "not". Unclear wordendings or spellings can be masked by "?“ (e. g. "elektrotechni?” for the search for "Elektrotechnik”, "elektrotechnische”, etc..)

2.2 Advanced search

"Advanced search" is available with the link in the upper menu bar and offers several search filters and a survey of subject areas (see 2.3). The page "search filter" allows clearly a combined search with different search keys and you can specify your search query according to the year of publication, the language, the country of publication and the material type (e. g. journal, media).

2.3 Search for subject areas and topics

The search for literature of a specific subject area is possible in different ways:

  • Enter classification mark (INFO 4) as search term for term for local systematics (LSY)
  • Use the page "subject" within "advanced search" (basic classification of GBV).

Another approach is the search for topics. Select the search key "all topics" and key the appropriate search terms in the input line. The system offers you a number of matches where the searched words are keywords or are part of the book title.

Further information about search options you can find under the button "Help" in the upper menu bar.


3. Title display and order/reservation function

When your search request offers you several matches, you receive a brief survey of the matches initially. Selecting one match leads you to the full display of the match. In the upper part of the full display you find bibliographic details, i.e. title, author, publisher and ISBN and below follow local details e.g. subject area, location and shelf mark and for journals the details on available volumes.
With the location and shelf mark details you can find books in the shelves of the open-access section. Books from the stack rooms can be ordered via the link "Request" and are to be collected at the circulation desk.
Lent books can be reserved via the link "Reserve".
Should your search be not successful, you receive an index list with next indexed terms in alphabetic order from the catalogue. 

4. Clipboard and download

You can store search results (entire match lists or individual matches) in the catalogue clipboard (link "Saveset" in the upper menu bar) and set up an individual match list.

You can download the content of the catalogue "Saveset", a current list of search results or individual titles via the link "Save" in the left menu bar or email them.

5. Search termination

After completing your search, you leave the catalogue with the button "Logout" at the left edge of the screen; thus the cookies of intermediately stored search terms and results may only be deleted from the workstation. 

6 Additional contents of the catalogue

The university bibliography is part of the catalogue and contains all publications by members of the TU Ilmenau (e. g. articles in journals, books or congress contributions, monographs). Publications are also part of the catalogue even if they are not directly available in the collection of the Ilmenau University Library to obtain an as complete as possible indexing. These titles are marked "bibliographischer Nachweis ohne Bestand” (bibliographic entry without inventory). Please use in such cases the interlibrary loan service (INFO 9).

Status: 2019/07/11