There are several areas/rooms available for group work in the University Library. These rooms are designed for users who want to get together in small groups to learn or work on something together. Pens for whiteboards, HDMI, VGA and network cables as well as various adapters can be borrowed at the counter for daily use.

Bookable group study rooms

Group study rooms 1 & 2

There are two bookable group study rooms (room 1+2) on the ground floor.

Each of the rooms is equipped with a beamer, a whiteboard and eight power sockets on the table for notebooks brought along.

Group study rooms+ (GARplus)

Group Study Room+ offers new possibilities: Tables and chairs can be rearranged as needed, drinks and snacks can be consumed and there is a collection of games for a little distraction in between. This learning space is an experiment to try out flexible learning scenarios and room situations and possibly adapt them for the future design of learning spaces in the UB. For this purpose, we ask for digital or analogue feedback on how the room was liked or where there is still room for improvement.
The GARplus can be reserved for groups of 3 or more.


The group workrooms can be reserved for a whole day or just by the hour. Available dates and the possibility to make a reservation request can be found in the booking plan of the group work rooms or you can contact the information desk. If you are unable to keep an appointment, please cancel in good time. If you are more than 15 minutes late, the group study room may be allocated to other interested parties.

Occupancy plans and reservation request of the group workrooms 1, 2 and GARplus.


Free group study rooms

On the intermediate storey and basement there are five group workrooms (rooms 3-7) that do not require reservations.

Group study room 3 on the intermediate storey is equipped with a smart display that can also be used as an interactive whiteboard, among other things.

Group study room 7 in the basement (room 1080, next to the carrels) is equipped with a whiteboard. If required, a beamer and other accessories can be borrowed from the counter.

In rooms 4-6 on the intermediate storey, displays are installed to which notebooks can be connected.

The group study rooms are freely available to working groups, but are not intended as individual study rooms.

Seating bunks

The seating bunk area is in the basement.

Here 13 seating bunks can be used for work in small groups. Since this area has an open access to the library, we ask that communication be as quiet as possible.

Displays are installed in all seating bunks to which notebooks can be connected.