Mobile nursery

At the UB Ilmenau there is a KidsBox as a kind of mobile children's room. It is quickly set up and offers everything that makes children's hearts beat faster. The toys in the box are suitable for children up to primary school age. A travel cot and folding mattress also provide a place to sleep. The KidsBox is located on the mezzanine floor in Group Study Room 5, which can be converted into a parent-child study room if required. If you would like to use the KidsBox, please contact our staff. They can make a room reservation for you in advance.

Reservation of the KidsBox:

+49 170 7057255

+49 3677 69-4531

Please note: The KidsBox serves as an activity offer, the room is therefore not automatically child-friendly or child-safe. Use at your own risk.


Learning with movement - treadmill desk

Researching, reading, writing and being in motion and also relaxing - that works surprisingly well at the new treadmill desk.

The workstation was newly installed in the basement of the UB. As a rule, users spend many hours in a sedentary position studying and working in the UB. Our concern is to be able to offer them a direct and uncomplicated possibility for movement. Regular movement improves the ability to concentrate and the increased blood circulation makes it easier to memorise facts. In times when most people sit too much, like right now at exam time, the dynamic workstations are a great way to combine muscle and brain work.


The importance of the library as a place for students to learn and work has increased significantly in recent years. Visitor numbers and length of stay confirm this trend. Especially the latter has led to the fact that urgently needed breaks also want to be spent in the UB. For this purpose, a chillout-zone has been set up. Here you will find seating or reclining furniture under dimmed lights where you can relax and unwind.