"How Scientists and Graduates of the TU Ilmenau Rebuilt their Home – and What They Experienced in the Process".

Cover des Buchs „Wie Wissenschaftler und Absolventen der TU Ilmenau ihre Heimat neu aufbauten – und was sie dabei erlebt haben“ Universitätsgesellschaft Ilmenau

In this book, published on the occasion of 30 years of German Unity, 21 women and men report on the special time in the early 1990s when democratic structures were introduced and the reconstruction of our country began.

Through their scientific training, these former TU members were specially trained to analyze problems and find solutions. The result is a kaleidoscope of motivations, opinions and activities that characterizes the process of reconstruction and reform of the colleges and universities from the particular perspective of the actors.

This contemporary witness account is of special interest to all those who are connected to the TU Ilmenau and who want to understand the new beginning in 1990. You can buy the book at the following places:

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Alumni Association

Unicopy Ilmenau

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