Matlab Workshop Measurement Data Processing IEEE Student Branch Ilmenau

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Mo. 04.12.2023
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Target group
Students and Employees interested in Measurement Data Processing

Matlab Workshop Measurement Data Processing of the IEEE Student Branch


ngineers and scientists use graphical programming as an easy means to model systems and quickly explore a wide range of possible solutions to a particular problem – without the need to write code. Simulink is the MathWorks tool for graphical programming. It is well suited for students to explore Signal Processing concepts and get first experience with graphical programming to aid understanding and to support their various academic endeavors.  

In this hands-on workshop we will

  • learn the basics of graphical programming with Simulink

  • derive simple models to read, filter and analyze time series data

  • implement simple audio models and explore properties by listening to them  

To prepare for the event we recommend to complete the Simulink Onramp Self-Paced Online Course, which can be found at https://matlabacademy.mathworks.com/details/simulink-onramp/simulink

About the presenter

Dr.-Ing. Stefan Kerber is in the Academia Group at MathWorks in Munich/Germany. He partners with Universities in Eastern Germany to accelerate their discovery and learning. Stefan holds a PhD degree in Electrical Engineering from Technische Universität München. During his career he has used MathWorks Tools in various ways to setup experiments on sound reproduction and study human hearing for normal and hearing-impaired listeners.